A bit about me when I’m not behind the camera: My name is antonia botas, and I’m an intimate wedding photographer who spends most of her money on traveling and tattoos. I grew up in northwestern Ontario and have lived in various locations throughout the province before settling in Barrie (about an hour north of Toronto), where I currently reside, doing life with my steadfast partner and our three magical little humans. My life and work are heavily influenced by my insatiable need for wanderlust, adventure and curious exploration.

I am full of contagious grit and have a way of making strangers pour their hearts open. It’s a gift I found on my own personal journey and one that I’ve learned how to capture behind a camera. I explored the rawness of human nature six years ago when I captured births and have since moved into couples photography. I love the mess that is life. The ups, the downs and heightened passion. While many steer away from the unsettled, I navigate my way
into the storm. I help unique couples share their story through your wit, meaningful conversation and badass photography. As I move forward in my business, I hope to move a spotlight onto those feelings of rawness, curiousity and passion. 

I am a storyteller of the good, bad and everything in between. Life isn’t easy, but it’s so good. OUR STORIES NEED TO BE told AND DESERVE TO BE shared.

If you wanna grab a coffee and chat more about tattoos and the best places to eat in Sintra Portugal…just kidding lol Although I’d be down to talk about those too. In all seriousness, if you wanna chat about how I can make your photographs as authentically YOU as possible through the gift of photography, LET’S CONNECT!