Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog, folx! I thought I’d start this journey off with some client education in regards to making sure you learn how to become every photographers FAVOURITE person to work with (because who doesn’t love being a favourite?) I know I love being someone’s favourite photographer, so I’m sure people love being favourite clients. In order for you to become a fave, there’s some things you need to know and consider as a potential client before reaching out to a professional photographer in order to make them go “I WANNA WORK WITH THIS PERSON!” First and foremost; A professional photographer is NOT a hobbyist. There is some etiquette to follow when reaching out to one to shoot anything from brand photos to engagement photos I thought I’d share some tips for everyone to consider before reaching out to photographers because I like keeping things real:

1) We do not work for free.

It’s weird that this needs to be said but the amount of times that brands/businesses reach out to me (and others!) trying to cut some sort of deal is exhausting. If you are not at a place financially in your business to pay for professional photos, wait until you are before reaching out! If you are trying to spend as little as possible on photos, a professional photographer is not likely your go-to.2)Please respect a photographers package/prices. If a package states something like “1 hour and 60 images” DO NOT come back with “well what about 40 mins and 50 images? What can you do for that?” That communicates to us you don’t REALLY love our art and are just looking for the cheapest option. It doesn’t feel great.


3) If a photographer puts out a model call, please make sure you understand what that means before responding!

It’s not a “free photoshoot” for you. You need to be willing to sign model releases that state the images can be shared and used however the photographer sees fit. The amount of responses I’ve gotten in the past of “well we don’t want the images shared if we agree to do this” is… well it’s weird, because a model call is a model call.

4)If you are a friend or family member PLEASE do not assume you will get a friends and family discount

or even more absurdly, that we will shoot your family for free. Again, if you value our art and skill this is something that feels really icky to be asking or assuming. We run a business, and in order for us to sustain that business and our lives we kind of need to make money.

5) Ghosting sucks.

If you decide not to move forward with a different photographer,  PLEASE let us know you’ve found someone else. I promise (most of us) won’t be offended we just wanna know and not be left in limbo! I respect a client that tells me I just wasn’t the right fit for their ‘vibe’. Also ghosting after you’ve been told the price is also not cool. A simple “Thank you but that’s out of our budget” is all we need!

Showing a photographer you value their work and skills will have them creating the most epic, frame-worthy photos for you. I go above and beyond for my clients that treat me like a legit business owner and not just some chick that has a camera. If you’ve read this and are ready to book something with me, You can reach out here. If you read this and decided to move forward with another photographer you’ve been eyeing, that’s fucking dope too. 


Roam & Ramble is a couples photographer located in Barrie, Ontario. Story-teller and photographer Antonia draws focus into capturing the intimacy and vulnerability between free-spirited couples.